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YOR-ASH Custom Doors: Are you a fan of Sliding Barn Doors?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to Sliding Barn Doors: Things you should know before purchasing a Barn Door!

Hello Blog! My name is Abbie, and I am here to be a helpful guide in giving insight on what to look for when purchasing a Barn Door. As well as relaying facts about Barn Doors!

Barn Door Facts & Benefits

Questions to ask yourself before purchasing & Installing a Sliding Barn Door!


Barn Door Facts & Benefits

Sliding Barn Doors are a great addition to your home decor and style. They add a subtle, classic charm that traditional swing doors cannot. Listed below are some benefits & facts of having barn doors:

  1. Having a Barn Door can help save space as they are more ideal for tight or crowded rooms. They require less space as they stay flush against a wall.

  2. Barn Doors are more conventional than traditional swing doors as they only require you to move them from one place on a track to another.

  3. Fun Fact: Barn Doors sit ALMOST flush against a wall. What most people don't know is that there is still going to be a little gap between the door and the wall on each side which does not guarantee complete privacy.

  4. A Barn Door can give people the ability to express their authentic self to the fullest. No matter what style door you are looking for, a barn door can be customized to your liking!

  5. Fun Fact: ANY DOOR CAN BE A BARN DOOR!!! That being said, yes you can turn almost any door into a barn door but there are limitations. For example, if you are trying to turn an existing door (one that you already have in your home) into a barn door, it might not work because a) the door might not be wide enough to cover the opening b) the door is not tall enough or c) the door is a hollow door all around.

  6. Fun Fact: Any door that you are using for a barn door, make sure it is solid or has a solid frame. This helps with insulating sound & heat as well as making sure the door is able to be installed on the track without fail.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing & Installing a Sliding Barn Door!

1. Would a Sliding Barn Door be convenient for your home?

When asking yourself this question, think about the style you want for your home and see if that style can be matched to the look of a barn door. I personally like a modern style barn door but if my whole home screams coastal beach vibes, then my mid-century/modern barn door would not necessarily match the existing theme. If that is your artistic vision, then go for it, otherwise really think about what style of barn door would fit your home's style.

2. How important is privacy to you? This question might be a little off putting but it is essential to answer this before putting effort and money into getting a Barn Door! Most people like to use sliding barn doors for their bathrooms but don't take into consideration the lack of privacy they have compared to the privacy provided through a traditional swing door. Again, a barn door is not going to be completely flush against a wall so there will be a little gap of space that does not guarantee much privacy to anyone. Just be mindful of that fact that others would still be able to slightly hear what you are doing behind the Barn Door. At the very least, with the right hardware, an interior Sliding Barn Door can be locked to give you that security.

3. Is Installing a Sliding Barn Door easy?

I would not say that installing a Barn Door is necessarily an easy process, but would it be a fun at home DIY project to take on? Absolutely, yes! Installing a Barn Door requires 1) patience and 2) being able to pay attention to detail. The Barn Door would not sit right on the track if not properly installed which could leave room for injury if it were to fall. With the right assistance and patience, almost anyone can install a Barn Door. Just be mindful of the door(s) size(s), the opening, and what kind of track & materials you would need to purchase!

Which Style Of Barn Door Is For You?

  • Mid-Century Modern

  • French Doors

  • Rustic

  • Natural Wood - Unfinished

If this post was insightful and you are looking to get a barn door, please click the link below to get an estimate with us. We would be happy to help!!


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